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Australian Grape & Wine Industry Senate Review

The Senate Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport have released its report into the Australian Grape and Wine Industry.

Australian Grape & Wine Industry Senate Review (2016)

Positives in supply adjustment, but there's more to go

This report is an analysis of the 2014-15 Vineyard Survey data.

Positives in supply adjustment, but there’s more to go (2015)


Mary Retallack from Retallack Viticulture and Krys Smith were the successful candidates of our Vinitech-Sifel promotion in 2016 and attended the event in Bordeaux, France, as a sponsored grower representative of Australian Vignerons.  You can view Mary’s reports below.

Vinitech-Sifel Report – Retallack Viticulture (2016)

Harvests and demand

The supply and demand influences for 2015 look better than last year but poor price indications for winegrapes continue.

This report analyses and looks at the current issues relating to global and domestic supply and demand.

Harvest and Demands  (2015)

Global and Australian supply & demand analysis

Analysis of events in world wine markets over the past decade, points to potential opportunities opening up on world markets for Australian winegrape growers.  The opportunity arises out of both demand- and supply-side events and it is suggested in a paper produced by WGGA, that a major part of the opportunity is for mid-range wines that draw on lower-C, D and E-grade fruit.  A detailed examination of the drivers of this opportunity leads to questions about what it would take for Australian wine growers to be able to exploit the identified opportunity.

This report should be considered in conjunction with the Opportunities and alternative routes to market paper (below).

A framework for grower opportunities in the Australian wine sector  (2000-2013)

Opportunities and alternative routes to market

This report makes a case that despite contradiction in the national vineyard area since 2008-09, the Australian wine industry remains oversupplied – partly because of higher harvests in recent years and partly because of the continued decline in the volumes of Australian wine sold overseas.  This analysis explores the viability of alternative routes to market that sit outside the traditional trade in proprietary brands and mainstream channels to clear the oversupply/underdemand.  It was also mentioned by several speakers as the ‘numbers game’ report at the WGGA Grower Seminar in November 2014.

This report should be considered in conjunction with the Framework for grower opportunities in the Australian wine sector paper (above).

Opportunities and alternative routes to market  (2014)

National Winegrape Grower Book

In early 2014 WGGA launched The National Winegrape Grower Book.  This booklet is a compliation of ABS grower information useful for “mapping” growers by type, location, production capacity and production.

The book can be downloaded in PDF below – please note that it is free to WGGA members and $15 for non-members.  If you are not a member and would like a copy please contact our office.

National Winegrape Grower Book  (2013)  (members’ only)

Review of Wine Grape Contracts

In 2013 WGGA undertook an exercise to review a sample of grape supply contracts and compare their terms against the requirements set out under the Code of Conduct.  You can view the audit report below.

WGGA Review of Wine Grape Contracts  (2013)


Colin Bell (WGGA member and now Executive Committee representative for WA) was the successful candidate of our SITEVI promotion in 2013 and attended the event in Montpellier, France, as a sponsored grower representative of Wine Grape Growers Australia.  You can view his report below.

SITEVI Report  (2013)

ABARES Australian Wine Grapes

In December 2013 the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) released a publication entitled Australian wine grapes: financial and business performance of wine grape growers 2011-12.

Click here to view the original post outlining the background, publication description and a link to download the full report from the ABARES website.

Frost Report

In October 2013 WGGA released a report titled ‘Emerging 2014 harvest gets frosty reception in October 2013’.  You can view the report below.

Frost Report  (2013)

Legislation for securing rights over fruit delivered to wineries

Legislation that came into effect in January 2012 has improved grower’s rights to reclaim their fruit, or the value of it, from financially stressed purchasers who can’t pay their debts.  It is called the Personal Property Security Act (PPSA).  This document provides a brief, non-expert interpretation of the PPSA provisions.

Legislation for securing rights over fruit (2012)  (members only)

Winegrape Assessment Report

This publication was prepared for and endorsed by Wine Grape Growers Australia (WGGA) and the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) in August 2003.

The assessment was compiled by Wendy Allan and is a description and endorsement of then best practice in winegrape assessment.  It describes and discusses those quality specifications that can be readily measured or ascribed a value.

It has been developed by and for participants in the wine industry involved in the activities of buying and selling winegrapes, and is based on wide industry consultation.  It should be seen as a tool to develop and improve relationships between buyers and sellers of winegrapes.  The publication describes current best practice and therefore, by definition, will evolve over time.

The aims of this publication are to bring more clarity, transparency, commonality and certainty to the sometimes contentious process of winegrape specification, Quality Control and winegrape quality attribution in winegrape transactions.

It is the first publication endorsed and released by the Liaison Committee of WGGA (then Winegrape Growers’ Council of Australia) and and the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA).

Winegrape Assessment – in the Vineyard and at the Winery  (2003)