The VINEBIZ Vineyard Business Development Program and Financial Ready Reckoner is a comprehensive financial analysis and business management tool for grapegrowers, which enables them to assess their vineyard’s current financial performance and to evaluate a range of operational scenarios to help with decision making about the business.

The program has been developed for WGGA with funding from the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry – as part of the Capacity Building for Winegrape Growers Project.  It consists of a CD containing a spreadsheet and a comprehensive manual – which gives instructions on using the CD as well as detailed information on alternative business models for consideration.


VineBiz features

  • Gross margin and vineyard return based on income, operating and overhead costs (entered into the spreadsheet)
  • Benchmarking of performance against average data from other growers (by region)
  • Analysis of individual block performance to determine which blocks are most profitable
  • Historical vineyard performance analysis over past five seasons (if figures are entered)
  • Cash flow budget to enable planning for major expenses, overdraft facility etc
  • Statement of position (balance sheet) with and without personal assets/liabilities
  • Financial summary including financial ratios to give a “health check” on the business and identify areas for action
  • “What if” scenarios including restructuring of certain blocks, price changes and water purchasing
  • Analysis relating wine price points to grape prices

Generally VineBiz is presented as a workshop, which introduces growers to the concepts necessary to get the most out of the program and teaches them to use the spreadsheet.  The manual and CD can be purchased from WGGA – discounts apply to WGGA members.  Contact us for more information.

VineBiz flyer

Retallack Viticulture – preferred provider of VineBiz training.