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What are the likely trends that will determine the operating environment for winegrape growing in Australia over the next five to ten years?

While it is impossible to predict the future, particularly in a constantly changing global economic environment, the WGGA Executive strongly believes it is worthwhile preparing for the most likely outcomes based on existing trends and historical patterns.

WGGA has identified a number of trends, based on analysing research data available, drawing on the experience around our executive table and ongoing discussions with growers, wineries and industry bodies.

The trends we have identified are not set in stone but one thing is for sure: if you just ‘wait and see’ it may be too late to respond when change comes.

We hope that you will find these shared WGGA views valuable in thinking and planning for the future.

There are 49 trends identified – grouped into the following categories:

  • Market opportunity
  • Environment
  • Social policy
  • Global wine and winegrowing
  • Australian wine sector
  • Research, development, extension and adoption
  • Human resources
  • General

Top 20 Trends and Challenges (members only)

Trends and Challenges in Winegrape Growing in Australia 2020 (in full) (members only)