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Please note that due to the expiry of several foundation data collections in the industry, some of the reports regularly reported on this website are not available until the expired collections are replaced. The table below provides further explanation.

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The industry’s national organisations are currently considering an industry-owned grape and wine database to replace the defunct collections.  When this occurs, this reporting will recommence.

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Note: you will need to be a member of WGGA and have a login to view some of the links mentioned belowMore information

Wine Sales
Viticulture and Wine Production
Australian Viticulture Statistics

Areas (bearing, non-bearing), planting, removals, vines removed, vine left at harvest and tonnes produced, for the period 1984 – 2012.

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Australian Grape and Wine Statistics

Bearing areas, winegrape production, winegrape crush, wine production, wine sales (local, exports, imports)and inventory, for the period 1984 – 2013.

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Grower Profiles
Grapegrowing in Australia (2012)

Updated statistical snapshot of who and where Australia’s winegrape growers are.  Points of interest:

  • There were 6 200 grapegrowing businesses in Australia in 2012.
  • Over 50% of grapegrowing businesses are less than 10 hectares in size – these account for 11% of the total area and 8% of the tonnes produced.
  • The estimate value of winegrapes in 2012 is $880 million – when converted to wine the value of winegrapes translates to over $4 billion in wine sales revenue.

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Australian Grower Profile (2009-10)

Statistical snapshot of Australian winegrape growers (number of growing establishments, areas, tonnages) described by independent or winemaker growers and categorised by GI region and size of vineyard operations.  Points of interest:

  • There were 6 679 winegrape growing establishments in Australia in 2009-10.
  • Independent growers accounted for 72% of the growing establishments and 71% of the tonnes produced.
  • The 55% of the independent growing establishments with vineyards of less than 10 hectares, accounted for 9% of the total independent tonnages while the largest, at 100 hectares or greater, represented a 3% share of the establishments and 37% of the tonnage.

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The AGWA online statistical resource Winefacts, offers a comprehensive range of statistics, data, analysis and insights to assist business decision making within the Australian wine sector.  It also provides the Australian wine community with access to global wine sector intelligence.

While individuals can sign up and access some free products on Winefacts, growers have the ability to access ALL information, including that identified as restricted.

If you are interested in obtaining access to this information, please contact Kelly or Nikki at the WGGA office on (08) 8133 4400 or email [email protected] to arrange your individual login details.  Alternatively you can download a Winefacts Registration Form, complete and return to the WGGA office via email, fax or hard copy mail.

Access to Winefacts is free and available to all Australian winegrape growers, but you will need to register.


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