Fair Work Ombudsman

A fantastic resource with comprehensive information about all aspects of employment – including Awards, leave provisions, pay calculators, templates for record-keeping and pay slips and much more.  Put it in your “favourites”.

Fair Work Australia

It’s a bit confusing to have these similar names, but Fair Work Australia is the industrial relations tribunal and this website is focused on the legal side of industrial relations – eg unfair dismissal claims, disputes and dispute resolution, legislation etc.  It also has all the Awards available for downloading, and the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code – a document that every employer with less than 100 staff should be familiar with.

Australian Taxation Authority

Tax topics A-Z, superannuation guarantee obligations and information, lots of forms to download to apply for registration for ABN, TFN etc.  A very user-friendly site for such a complex subject as tax!


Another great website for businesses – with resources on all aspects of running a business.  The section on employing people has quick summaries of all the important topics.

CRS Australia

CRS Australia is part of the Australian Government Dept of Human Services and is a provider of disability services.  The link given above is to their page that provides links to the various Workers’ Compensation Authorities in each state.  However, you may find other useful information on the site as well, relating to OH&S obligations and injury prevention and management.

Wine Grape Council of SA

The website for South Australian independent grapegrowers has an excellent FAQ page covering almost any question you could think of relating to employment and workplace relations.  This information is freely available.

South Australian Wine Industry Association

SAWIA has a very strong workplace relations focus and their website has comprehensive and up-to-date workplace relations information.  However, most of it is only available to members.  Employers in South Australia (including indepdent grapegrowers) who would like support with workplace relations issues might like to consider joining SAWIA.