AWRI online viticulture library

From agrochemicals to viticulture pests and diseases

Australian grape and wine producers can access the online records (>60,000) of the John Fornachon Memorial Library at no charge to levy payers in the industry (although you do need to register and log in to access the information).

Any requested articles will be sent electronically, usually on the same day. The AWRI holds the largest collection of grape and wine technical resources in the world. The collection includes books, journals, reprints, newsletters, regulations, standards and statistics.

Located under the Industry Development and Support (IDS) tab, the AWRI website also offers extensive support around agrochemical management, general viticulture and training.


  • On-line agrochemical search function;
  • Electronic version of the ‘Dogbook’;
  • Access to past ‘Agrochemical Updates’;
  • Lists of current ‘off-label’ chemical permits relevant to viticulture;
  • Access to our MRL database; and
  • Spray diary template, E-L growth stage chart and more.

Viticulture fact sheets in viti-notes format covering

  • Pest and disease;
  • Irrigation;
  • Nutrition;
  • Grapevine phenology;
  • Spray application; and
  • Miscellaneous vineyard activities.

Research to practice training

  • Managing grapevine nutrition in a changing environment;
  • Integrated pest management in changing viticultural environments; and
  • Alternative Varieties – Emerging options for a changing environment.

The AWRI’s viticulture staff members are happy to assist with queries.  Contact Marcel Essling or Peter Dry on 08 8313 6600 or email [email protected]

AWRI helpdesk

AWRI provides a help-desk service to Australian grapegrowers and wine producers who may have a technical question or encountered a problem during vintage.

Common areas of concern the help-line addresses include:

  • Agrochemical sprays
  • Lab or analysis method requests
  • Fermentation advice
  • Taints and contaminations
  • Smoke taint

The help-desk is available during business hours on (08) 8313 6600 or by emailing [email protected]