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August 2013



The WGGA Research, Development & Extension Policy has been revised and was approved by the WGGA Executive Committee at the August 2013 meeting.

The research policy has been developed primarily to assist WGGA in promoting the interests of its members (and Australian winegrape growers generally) in the context of funding research.

Research is critically important to the Australian wine industry – to maintain its international competitive advantage, improve efficiencies, and respond to changing consumer demands and emerging issues.

WGGA encourages the sourcing of additional, external funds for research but because of the dominant role of the GWRDC in the landscape of RD&E in the wine sector, and because of WGGA’s role as the key grower stakeholder of the GWRDC, this policy includes specific statements relating to the operation of the GWRDC and its relationship with WGGA.


WGGA RD&E Policy (2013) (members’ only)

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