g&w 2015



Grape and Wine 2015 is a wine industry leader’s summit designed to provide an opportunity for industry leaders to meet, discuss and provide direction on:

  • the priority areas for industry representative bodies to focus on for a return to profitability in the industry; and
  • consider a future industry representative structure that will present a united industry voice on key issues and be able to tackle the identified priority issues effectively.



  • The first meeting was held on 28 August 2015 in Adelaide, South Australia.  A full report on the day’s proceedings and outcomes can be downloaded here and a copy of the associated news release can be downloaded here
  • A follow up meeting, decided at the August 28 meeting, is scheduled for late 2015.  A working brief for the group facilitating the follow up meeting is:
1. Undertake research to identify, profile and report back on alternate governance and structural models for representative organisations.
2. Evaluate the effectiveness and appropriateness of the wine industry’s current structures and governance models in light of the Grape and Wine 2015 discussions, focusing on the capability of the current structures to meet the agreed guiding principles for representative organisations and identifying any ‘gaps’.
3. Prepare a paper detailing a range of options for the governance and structural models for a ‘whole of industry’ representation for the wine industry.
4. Seek feedback from key stakeholders during this phase of work as appropriate.
5. Organise for participants from Grape and Wine 2015 to re-convene late in 2015 to assess the research and findings to the Grape and Wine 2015 participants.  The meeting will:
– discuss the options presented; and look to
– achieve consensus on a preferred solution for industry representation for the wine industry;
– decide on the next steps.


Watch this space for more announcements as they occur.