Colin Bell (2014)

Representative (WA)

Colin represents Western Australia on the WGGA Executive Committee.

He was a founding member of the WGGA Decision Support Network until he was elected by the state body to replace Kerry Smart on the committee in 2013.

Colin has worked in the horticultural industry for over 20 years, and the viticultural industry for 15 of those years.  He has an Associate Degree in Winegrowing from the Charles Sturt University, as well as TAFE certificates in both Food Processing (Wine) and Horticulture.

Colin is the Viticultural Director and Viticulturist for AHA Viticulture.  He has also participated in the industry’s Future Leaders Program, GWRDC Fungicide Resistance Project and is the Secretary of South West Capes Water Users Group Inc.  Colin is also a current Board Member for Wine of Western Australia.

Colin and his wife live in the Margaret River.