Wine Grape Growers Australia (WGGA) is the peak industry body for winegrape growers across Australia.

We are an incorporated association, accountable to our members through a representative board and an Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The organisation is funded by voluntary membership (individual or through state/regional associations) as well as some project funding and grants.

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WGGA exists to represent and promote the interests of Australian winegrape growers at the national level, on a range of issues affecting them.  These principles are detailed in the rules that govern the way the organisation operates.

Download WGGA Constitution (revised 2014)

Strategic Plan


A profitable, innovative and environmentally sustainable winegrape industry that has the skills and knowledge to respond to current and future challenges.


WGGA exists to be an effective advocate at the national level for the interests of Australia’s winegrape growers.


WGGA will act in accordance with the following six key strategies, as identified by the Executive Committee:

1.   Provide policy and advocacy on issues of national importance to the existing and future viability of the winegrape growers.

2.   Through direct or collaborative arrangements, address critical national issues affecting the economic, environmental and social welfare of winegrape growers.

3.   Cultivate relationships that facilitate effective advocacy of national winegrape grower needs and the delivery of outcomes that address these needs.

4.   Effectively engage all stakeholders in two-way communication about industry issues and WGGA activities.

5.   Build WGGA capacity to ensure national winegrape grower representation.

6.   Maintain effective corporate governance in WGGA.


Download WGGA Strategic Plan (2013 – 2017)

Annual Operating Plan

Our key projects for delivery in 2015-16 include:

  1. Biosecurity strategic plans and operations.
  2. A new WGGA business model and its relationship to the overall industry discussion on industry representation.
  3. Code of Conduct reforms.
  4. Improved commercial practices in the industry.
  5. Wine tax.
  6. Policy and advocacy.

In the complete AOP document you can view the detail associated with the key projects above, as well as our achievements in 2014-15.

Download Annual Operating Plan  (2015-16)

Key functions

The key functions of WGGA are:

  • General ‑ represent and promote the common national interests of Australian winegrape growers, deliver direct benefits to members, improve the profitability and sustainability of Australian winegrape growers
  • Effective advocacy – undertake government and industry advocacy on behalf of winegrape growers in key policy areas including; biosecurity, market access for winegrapes, inter-jurisdictional standards and protocols, tax, national water arrangements, the environment and industrial relations.
  • Biosecurity and vine health ‑ fulfill the wine sector’s obligations to the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed and facilitate industry’s national biosecurity management arrangements.
  • Market access for winegrapes ‑ develop and maintain industry standards and codes of conduct for the sale and purchase of winegrapes and the negotiation and administration of contracts, negotiate limits to residues in wine from vineyard practices, facilitate objective measurement of winegrape characteristics and the regulation of trade measures, and influence any other matters that affect the commercial arrangements between winegrape growers and processors.
  • Research, development, extension and adoption ‑ facilitate, coordinate or conduct relevant research, education, extension, and programs that promote the adoption of innovation that improves the profitability and sustainability of winegrape growing.
  • Raise the status of winegrape growers – build industry relationships and the profile of winegrape growing in the wine sector and wider community to benefit winegrape growers and position winegrape growing as a full equity partner within the wine sector.
  • Member information services ‑ obtain, develop and publish information concerning wine and winegrape production, sales and marketing, and any other information of interest to winegrape growers
  • Two-way communication – engage with winegrape growers nationally through effective two-way communication.
  • Organisational capacity ‑ ensure growers have an effective national representative association through; sufficient membership and funding, professional representation, membership or support for other national representative organizations as may be in the interest of members generally, and employment of officers and staff, or consultants and contractors, required to undertake the objects of the association.
  • Corporate governance – maintain effective corporate governance, devise and report against a strategic and annual operating plans, and apply the funds of the association to the above objects.

Major Achievements

Our major achievements in 2013-14 were:

  • Foundation laid for national viticulture biosecurity arrangements
  • Direct negotiations conducted with Chinese authorities on Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) for Phos Acid residues in wine imports
  • Actively promoted the WGGA wine tax policy for the benefit of growers
  • Actively promoted the industry benefits of changes needed in the commercial practices between wine companies and growers
  • Facilitated integrated thinking with the WFA where interests were in common with growers
  • Created avenues for younger growers to have input into national issues
  • Demanded reforms in the Code of Conduct

Download WGGA Report on Achievements  (2013-14)

Annual General Meetings

General meetings of WGGA are held on an annual basis and represent a meeting of the members of the organisation, convened in accordance with the WGGA Constitution.

View details of our 2015 AGM here.

You can view previous AGM notices and documents in our Archives section.