Concepts and principles

The key concepts and principles of the WGGA Decision Support Network (DSN) are:

  • ‘Future grower leaders’ will be identified or will nominate themselves to be part of the network
  • Participation is open to graduates of the industry’s Future Leaders program or any other leadership program, and any other grower/viticulturist who is interested in participating in national industry leadership
  • WGGA Executive Committee meeting papers dealing with industry issues will be distributed to the DSN to discuss and to develop positions that will be contributed to the Executive Committee meeting
  • A member of the DSN will be selected by the group to attend the WGGA Executive Committee meeting
  • The DSN representative has Observer status at the WGGA Executive Committee meetings
  • The DSN will be autonomous in its organisation and facilitation


WGGA’s Objectives for the DSN

  • To extend and build future grower leadership
  • To provide an opportunity for growers with an interest and ability in leadership, to develop and practice leadership skills
  • To provide the opportunity for growers with regional experience to become familiar with national grower issues
  • To promote and enhance Australian viticulture
  • To broaden the input into WGGA decision-making



The WGGA DSN is currently made up of the following members:

  • Liz Riley  (Vitibit)
  • Martin Gransden  (Cumulus Estate Wines)
  • Marcel Essling  (AWRI)
  • Melinda Halden  (Viticulture and Oenology student)

Read more about the current DSN Members and their individual experience in the industry.


Be part of the grower future

The current members of the WGGA DSN are eager to hear from other “young” growers and viticulturists who would like to participate in the DSN.  Expressions of interest are now open.

Expressions of interest should be submitted to the WGGA office in the first instance.  All expressions of interest will considered by the DSN group and recommendations made to the Executive Committee for approval.

Further information is available from the WGGA office on (08) 8133 4400 or [email protected]