The Joint Policy Forum (JPF) is an initiative of WGGA and WFA established to provide a formal mechanism for the two organisations to agree on national policy to be taken to their respective executive committees for adoption.  This will facilitate unified policy positions being taken to government, consistent responses to emerging and critical issues and common action across the grapegrowing and wine producing sectors.

While the recommendations of the JPF are not binding on either organisation, the Forum will positively influence WGGA and the WFA through sound and progressive policy made more compelling through the application of combined resources of the two organisations.

Examples of common interests addressed by the JPF include:

  • initiatives that drive market growth (market intelligence, trade reform, pre-competitive marketing)
  • initiatives that address key risk areas (health, biosecurity)
  • initiatives that address competitiveness and quality (research and adoption)
  • initiatives that address structural reform (water policy, climate change, Code of Conduct, Right to Farm, regional infrastructure).


Structure and terms of reference

The Forum is made up of the Chairs of each organisation, plus two additional members of each Board plus the Chief Executive Officers of WGGA and WFA. The Chair of the Forum rotates between the two organisation’s Chairs.

Its terms of reference are to agree and promote joint policy and strategy on selected common issues, and to agree on resourcing to implement initiatives.

The Forum is expected to meet three times per year, interspersed between the WGGA and WFA Board meetings.



The JPF is made up of the following members:

  • Joanna Andrew, Chair (WGGA)
  • Tony D’Aloisio  (WFA)
  • Andrew Kay  (WFA)
  • Simon Berry  (WGGA)
  • Paul Evans  (WFA)
  • David Lowe  (WFA)
  • Tony Battaglene  (WFA)
  • Peter Gniel  (WFA)
  • Andrew Weeks  (WGGA)
  • Colin Bell (WGGA)
  • Heather Webster (WGGA)