Executive Committee

The affairs of Wine Grape Growers Australia are governed by its Executive Committee, which is responsible for making WGGA policy and overseeing its implementation.

In accordance with the WGGA Constitution, the Executive Committee meets in person at least four times per year.  The meeting schedule for 2016 is as follows:

  1.   04 February   Teleconference
  2.   09 February   Teleconference
  3.   2nd week in April   Teleconference
  4.   20 & 21 April   Adelaide  (SA)
  5.   17 May   Teleconference
  6.    June   Canberra  (ACT)
  7.   19 July   Teleconference
  8.   23 – 24 August   TBD
  9.   13 September   Teleconference
  10.   18 October   Teleconference
  11.   8 & 9 November   Adelaide  (SA)


Read more about who represents your State on the Executive Committee


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Joint Policy Forum

The Joint Policy Forum (JPF) was formed in the spirit of facilitating clear, progressive and unified national wine sector policy between WGGA and the WFA.

The meeting schedule for 2016 is as follows:

  1.   February   Adelaide
  2.   1 June   Adelaide
  3.   12 October   Adelaide


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Audit & Finance Committee

The Audit & Finance Committee are made up of three members of the Executive Committee, including the Executive Director and the Chair, and meets quarterly, prior to the Executive Committee meetings.

The meeting schedule for 2016 is as follows:

  1.   25 February   Teleconference
  2.   14 April   Teleconference
  3.   __ June   Teleconference
  4.   __ August   Teleconference
  5.   __ October   Teleconference


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Decision Support Network

The Decision Support Network (DSN) was established in April 2012 to provide young growers and viticulturists with opportunities to develop and exercise leadership at the national level. Participants provide input on industry issues into WGGA Executive Committee meetings and develop networks with other growers and viticulturists nation-wide.

The meeting schedule for 2016 is as follows:

  1.   February   Teleconference
  2.   __ April   Teleconference
  3.   __ June   Teleconference
  4.   __ August   Teleconference
  5.   __ November   Teleconference


Read more about the Decision Support Network and how you can be involved.


DSN Members’ Only information.

Viticulture Biosecurity Industry Reference Group

The Viticulture Biosecurity Industry Reference Group (VBIRG) was formed in late 2013 with the purpose to assist in developing and overseeing the viticulture industries biosecurity arrangements and activities and provide practical, grassroots perspectives on biosecurity matters to the industry peak bodies and the National Viticulture Biosecurity Committee (NVBC).

The VBIRG is made up of the following members:

  • Jenny Treeby, Deputy Chair (Dried Fruits Australia)
  • Tony Battaglene (WFA)
  • Anthony Kachenko (Nursery & Garden Industry Australia)
  • Jeff Scott (Table Grapes Australia)
  • Paul Wright (Vine Industry Nurseries Australia)
  • Gioia Small (Treasury Wine Estates)
  • Nigel Blieschke (Peter Lehmann Wines)
  • Colin Bell (AHA Viticulture)
  • Damien Sheehan (Victorian Viticulture Biosecurity Committee)
  • Brett McClen (Brown Brothers)
  • Liz Riley (Vitibit)
  • Prue Henschke (Henschke Wines)

The VBIRG is currently abated subject to current negotiations of WGGA’s biosecurity program.

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