1.  Special Offer on “The History of Australian Wine” book for 2012-13 Members

In the last e-Alert the release of The History of Australian Wine was featured.  Due to the generosity of the publishers, we are now able to make one of the two following offers to anyone taking up2012-13 WGGA membership before 30 September 2012:

i.   Anyone taking up membership is eligiblefor a 20% discount on the purchase of this book.  Details about how to obtain this discount can be found on the Members’ Only page of our website:

ii.  Existing members who renew in 2012-13, go into a draw to WIN one of two copies of this book.

We have received a positive response to the current membership round and thank those who have joined up.

Note that discounts are also available on the Grapegrower and Winemaker and GrapeGrowers & Vignerons publications.  Remember, 30 September 2012 is the closing date for these offers also, so it’s not too late. 

Membership forms can be downloaded at http://www.wgga.com.au/winegrape-growers-australia-membership


2.   WGGA Executive Committee Meeting Summary – 1 August 2012

The last WGGA Executive Committee Meeting was held on 1 August 2012 in Adelaide, South Australia.  The major topics addressed at this meeting included:

  • The 2012-2017 Five Year Plan and 2012-13 Annual Operating Plan were confirmed and the 2012-13 Budget was approved.  The former items have been posted on the website and were canvassed in the July WGGA newsletter, The United Grower.
  • Changes to the Constitution were discussed and will be presented to members at a Special General Meeting (SGM) appended to the AGM on 8 November 2012.  In addition, a proposal to set a minimum general membership subscription fee was agreed upon and will also be presented.
  • WGGA’s policy foundations document Trends and Challenges in Australian winegrape growing was a focus for updating.
  • Presentations were made by AWRI on the findings from a Phos Acid research project (the relationship between applications and residues) as well as preliminary indications from a survey of practices between growers and winemakers for measuring quality characteristics.
  • An update on Phos Acid MRL negotiations with China was provided by Simon Berry who recently participated on behalf of WGGA in a delegation with WFA and WAC to China.  More in the next issue of The United Grower.
  • Future of VineBiz was discussed – check out www.wgga.com.au for more in the coming months.

For more, contact your Zone Representative and take the opportunity let them know what you would like to be addressed by WGGA.  Your representative and contact information is as follows –

WGGA Zone Representative Email
Murray Valley Dennis Mills [email protected]
Greater Victoria / Tasmania Kym Ludvigsen [email protected]
South Australia (1) Simon Berry [email protected]
South Australia (2) Vic Patrick [email protected]
Riverland Andrew Weeks [email protected]
New South Wales / Riverina Robert Bellato [email protected]
New South Wales / Queensland Justin Jarrett [email protected]
Western Australia Kerry Smart [email protected]

If you would like to learn more about these topics, or other WGGA activities, please visit our website at www.wgga.com.au or contact our office on (08) 8133 4400.


3.   WGGA 2012 Annual General Meeting

Make a note that the WGGA AGM will be on 8 November 2012

Details will be made available prior to 7 September 2012 but as indicated above, recommended changes to the Constitution and the recommendation that a minimum fee be set for WGGA membership will be made at a Special General Meeting (SGM) that will coincide with the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

This represents a chance for members to have their voice heard so please keep the date free.  More details to follow.


4.   Wine Australia releases 2012 “Vintage in Review” and “Price Dispersion” Reports

Wine Australia released the following two reports last month:

2012 Vintage In Review
This is a summary of the 2012 vintage from 49 wine regions across Australia.  It highlights the prevailing vintage conditions as well as quality indications for key varieties per region.

2012 Winegrape Purchases: Price Dispersion Report
This sought-after report catalogues Calculated Average Purchase Values (CAPV) by region and geographical aggregates as well as the distribution of tonnages purchased across the price spectrum for varieties-by-region. 

To view these reports, or receive direct notifications of similar releases, please visit the Wine Australia Corporation’s website at www.wineaustralia.com and register for “winefacts”.


5.   Murray-Darling Basin Plans  – latest

On 6 August 2012 the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) forwarded its revised Proposed Basin Plan to Basin state and territory ministers and Hon Tony Burke MP (Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities) with revisions based on theirs, and other stakeholder, feedback.  This is the next step in developing a plan for the Murray-Darling Basin.  The documents that have now been released include:

  • Proposed Basin Plan, August 2012
  • Guidelines of the method to determine priorities for applying environmental water, August 2012
  • The Authority’s views on the matters raised by the Murray-Darling Basin Ministerial Council, Volumes 1 and 2

These documents can be accessed via the MDBA website: http://www.mdba.gov.au/proposed-basin-plan


6.   A worthy cause and promotional opportunity?

We have been contacted by an organisation called Bellevue Philanthropy which is organising ‘Oaks Day 2012’, in Melbourne on Thursday 8 November 2012, in support of Monash Children’s Hospital Bayside.

They seek bottles of wine in return for a range of promotional benefits.

If interested, jump onto their website www.bellevueproject.com.au



If you have any questions regarding the above please feel free to contact us:

Lawrie Stanford | Executive Director       E: [email protected] or
Kelly Bonser       | Office Administrator   E: [email protected]