June 2016

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In this edition

  • WGGA Encourages Growers to Attend ACCC Workshops
  • Applications open to attend Vinitech Sifel in Bordeaux as a VIP Guest
  • Pests and disease threaten
  • NSW DPI – Free Workshops
  • Riverland Growers May Need To Turn Off Irrigation
  • James Cook University Survey
  • WGGA Sponsorship
  • Winegrape Growers Summit

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WGGA Encourages Growers to Attend ACCC Workshops

The federal government has established a new Agriculture Enforcement and Engagement Unit in the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).  This unit has been established specifically to examine allegations of unfair trading practices in the agriculture sector.  More information here: http://www.accc.gov.au/about-us/consultative-committees/agriculture-consultative-committee

The ACCC has also established an agriculture consultative committee, which includes representation from a wide range of agricultural commodity groups.  WGGA is represented on this group by Ben Rose.

Growers with concerns about commercial trading practices are encouraged to take part in the upcoming agriculture workshops being held by the ACCC.  The workshops will give growers the opportunity to raise their concerns directly with ACCC commissioners, and will provide information about how competition and consumer law can protect them.  The ACCC will be presenting information and will be listening to growers at a series of horticulture and viticulture workshops, at the following venues:

Toowoomba  QLD  Friday 10 June 
Bunbury  WA  Thursday 30 June
Griffith  NSW   Monday 4th July
Murray Bridge  SA  Monday 18 July
Devonport  Tasmania  Thursday 1 September

And the Victorian workshop at Shepparton was held on Monday 6th June.

There is also the opportunity for growers who are unwilling to make public comment to the ACCC to do so out of session, or in private.  WGGA is your national advocacy body, and growers with experience of uncommercial practices and concerns about their business dealings are strongly encouraged to contact WGGA, so that these matters can be raised on your behalf.

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Competition to attend the VINITECH SIFEL wine trade show in Bordeaux


WGGA invites applications for a winegrower or viticulturist to attend the Vinitech-Sifel international trade show in Bordeaux, France, from 29th November to 1st December 2016, as a VIP guest.

Applications close Friday 8th July 2016.

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Pests and Diseases that Threaten your Livelihood…

Now that we have your attention…….

Plant Health Australia convened meetings in Melbourne at the end of May, to inform and review the Emergency Pest and Plant Response Deed (EPPRD), a general meeting, and a meeting about the multi-plant host Xylella fastitidosa.  This is the pathogen responsible for Pierce’s Disease and other forms of bacteria scorch, which has affected large tracts of agricultural crops in North America and Europe.

While the spread of Pierce’s disease is greatly worsened by the presence of the Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter in the U.S., the spread of this pathogen may be facilitated by other vectors.  There are sap-sucking insects in Australia which may be capable of spreading Xylella, if it were present in this country.  Another important fan about this pathogen is that it can infect a wide range of host plants, therefore potentially creating a “reservoir” of disease in unchecked or unmonitored plants that may speed to other crops.  This disease is currently responsible for olive tree decline in parts of Italy, and Oleander plants have also been found harbouring the pathogen.

The recent incursion of the Russian Wheat Aphid into geographically separate parts of South Australia is believed to have been facilitated by air currents.  This demonstrates how outbreaks can occur despite the best measures and best of intentions.  It is imperative that pathogens such as Xylella are excluded, and that additional measures such as monitoring and education are maintained to address any possible incursion as rapidly as possible.

As the wine industry body with carriage of biosecurity responsibilities, WGGA representatives attended these meetings.  It was also an opportunity to meet with national representatives and progress more effective and collaborative biosecurity arrangements for the wine industry.  This is a very critically important issue and more information will be coming out soon about developments in this area.

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NSW DPI – Grapevine Re-working – Free Workshops

NSW DPI will be offering growers the opportunity to attend a free workshop which will focus on grapevine re-working in Orange and the Hunter Valley.

Industry experts will be discussing different considerations for growers when re-working grapevines,  Discussions will include new and emerging grapevine varieties and clones, virus management and regional re-working experiences.

Orange:    7th June
Hunter Valley:   9th June

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Riverland growers may need to turn off irrigation….

Riverland growers will need to turn off irrigation to parts of their vineyard if the River Murray flow does not improve.

Growers are calling for a Drought Task Force.

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James Cook University – looking for winegrape growers to complete survey

James Cook University is looking for winegrape growers to complete an online survey in order to gain a comprehensive and informed picture of a growers views around changing climate and challenges this may pose for farming practices.

The survey can be found at:

The above link directs you to an information page, which contains further information about participation and the aims of the research.

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Become a WGGA Sponsor in 2016-17

Sponsorship opportunities are currently available for the upcoming financial year,  as the peak industry body for winegrape growers in Australia – we can offer you maximum exposure to the industry.

Contact Nikki to discuss possible opportunities on 08 8133 4404 or via email [email protected]

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The 2016 SA Winegrape Growers Summit: Helping winegrape growers plan

The 2016 SA Wine Grape Growers’ Summit is the third annual Summit held at the Adelaide Oval by the Wine Grape Council SA.

This year’s theme is: Helping winegrape growers plan

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Headed by wine industry stalwart, Mark Hamilton, the National Wine Law Group flexes its experience and expertise to provide cost effective solutions on wine sector matters.

“We proudly claim our wine law credentials are unsurpassed by any law firm,” says Hamilton, a strategically insightful lawyer with deep industry experience.  “As a firm of 30 people we’re big enough to handle most matters but our charge out rates compare favourably with large firms.”

“One big benefit to clients is we hit the ground running.  We know the industry and its peculiar ways.  We may even shed a business insight along the way.”

For more: www.gropehamiltonlawyers.com.au

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For Sale

1925 Morris Light Tray Truck

The vehicle has been extensively restored and is currently registered on club plates in Victoria. Mounted on the tray are six (6) wine barrels.

The vehicle would be an attractive item to display at your vineyard or winery. There is ample space for trade advertising on the cab and wine barrels.


I invite expressions of interest for the purchase of the item with offers to purchase to be submitted by 30th June 2016.  I have a reserve of $25,000.

The vehicle is housed at my residence in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne where it can be inspected by prior appointment on 0403 539 330.

Barry Walters.


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