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Opportunity for a young hospitability worker to win a trip overseas

Wine Australia, in collaboration with the Daniel Pontifex Memorial Trust, are offering young hospitability workers the chance to win a trip to the UK and Europe to gain experience in some of the finest restaurants.

Candidates are expected to have a strong interest in wine, currently work in hospitability and submit a short essay explaining why they believe they would be suitable for this scholarship.

Applications close Friday 9 May 2014.

Further details at are available on the Wine Australia website

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Woolworths Agricultural Business Scholarships – Now Open!

In April, Woolworths announced their 2014 round of ‘Agricultural Business Scholarships’.

There are 25 places for young Australians who would like to gain an insight into all aspects of the food chain from the producer to the supermarket.

Applications are open for young Australians aged between 20-35 years who are currently employed in the agricultural or horticultural industry OR in their second year of study in an agricultural or horticultural faculty.

The successful applicants will attend a 12 day course from 25/08/14 – 5/09/14 in Sydney, NSW.

Applications close on 31 May 2014.

Further details are available on the Woolworths website

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Nuffield Farming Scholarships – Now open!

Applications are now open for the 2015 Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarships.

To be eligible you must be:

  • between 28-40 years of age
  • a resident of Australia
  • engaged in farming or fishing
  • intending to remain involved in primary production in Australia.

Full details are available at the Nuffield website.

Applications close 30 June 2014.

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Boutique Wine Awards – Now Open!

The Association of Australian Boutique Winemakers are currently accepting entries for the Boutique Wine Awards.  Entries are open to all Australian and New Zealand independently owned wine companies who produce no more than 250 tonnes under their own label.

Trophies and medals will be awarded at the presentation lunch on 1 August in Sydney, NSW.

Free freight for entry samples are available until 30 May.

For more information visit the Boutique Wine Awards website or contact Tania on (02) 9747 0005.

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“Hot Climate Wine Growing” report

The AgriFood Skills Australia Fellowship Report by Kim Chalmers’ may be of interest.

Kim reports on techniques, varieties, terrains and wine styles from Southern Italian Regions where the conditions are similar to Australia’s hot climate areas.  Notably, these regions have in recent times shifted from bulk wine production to marketing premium wines.

You can download the report titled: “Hot Climate Wine Growing, Making and Marketing in Southern Italy and its Application in Australia” from the International Specialised Skills Institute website

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The latest Agricultural Chemical news

Smith & Georg are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in SA that provides chemical training for people working in primary and related industries.

Their AgChemNews quarterly newsletter has just been released for autumn 2014 and the following items may be of interest:

  • Compatibility of chemicals – will this go with that?
  • New online course now available on weed control
  • Complying with droplet size restrictions when spraying tree and vine crops
  • Get rid of those unwanted chemicals

Visit the Smith & Georg website to view the newsletter and learn more.

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Australian Government Media Releases – sign up today!

Government media releases for April that may be of interest include:

You can sign up to get these direct via the Australian Government website

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ATO highlights common GST reporting errors

Businesses use activity statements to report and pay a number of tax obligations.  Statements must be lodged on time to avoid interest and penalties.  Some common errors to avoid:

  • BAS entry –record GST payable and on whole dollars only
  • Variations – variations to payable amounts that require a revised tax estimate
  • Calculations –simple arithmetic errors
  • Fuel Tax Credit – check the rates on the ATO website (change from time to time) and enter the amount in dollars rather than litres
  • Accounting – accounting reports not tallying with BAS report
  • Registering – reporting on GST, PAYG withholding and FBT without being registered for them
  • Lodgement and processing – using previous BAS identification numbers (unique for each BAS).

Visit the ATO website to learn more.

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Barossa ‘Next Crop’ leaders share their experiences

Participants in the Barossa’s ‘Next Crop’ leadership program have launched a podcast & recording forum via the Barossa Dirt website.  The aim is to share interesting stories and interviews with growers, winemakers and others who have a story to tell.

Visit the Barossa Dirt website to view.

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GWRDC new working principles document

Following an independent review in 2013 of their innovation and adoption activities, the GWRDC have released an Innovation & Adoption Principles document to outline their five new working principles.

View on the GWRDC website


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