In 2013 the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) conducted an expert review of wine industry dynamics covering supply, demand and profitability.  The review had a specific focus on where the opportunity for profitability and margin growth will be over the next five years and what steps can be taken to capture this potential.

The final Expert Review Report, and a complementary set of WFA Actions, were released for public consultation in August 2013.  WGGA sought grower feedback as part of this process (view original website post here).

The consultation period ended on 25 October and the WFA Board considered feedback received.

On 13 December the WFA released its final report, entitled Actions for Industry Profitability 2014-16, which identifies 43 Actions to lift the profitability of Australian wine business with growth in both domestic and export markets.  The full report, an executive summary and the accompanying media release can be found on the WFA website at


View WGGA’s Response to the WFA Proposed Industry Actions here  (submitted to WFA in October 2013)