The Kym Ludvigsen Trophy for Viticultural Excellence

The Royal Melbourne Wine Awards (RMWA) recently announced the introduction of the new Kym Ludvigsen Trophy for Viticultural Excellence.

The trophy was initiated and sponsored by The Grampians Winemakers Inc as an opportunity to be able to recognise and celebrate the 40 year legacy left by the late Kym Ludvigsen, who passed away in a tragic farm accident in late 2013.  Kym was a winegrape grower and vigneron from Victoria’s Grampians region, with a passion for viticulture, research & development and vine improvement.  He was an active member in the industry, including the Victoria / Tasmania representative on the WGGA Executive Committee.

The trophy is awarded in recognition of excellence in the area of viticulture and goes to the grower or team behind the grapes that produce the single vineyard trophy wine.  It celebrates the grape growers and vineyard managers whose contribution cannot be underestimated in the creation of the very best wines.

To learn more about this prestigious award visit the Royal Melbourne Wine Awards website