Landline ABC News ran a story recently about the “bitter harvest” being experienced this year, and the struggles both growers and winemakers are facing regarding low grape prices.

Landline reporter Kerry Staight sought the views from various industry personnel, including:

  • Brian Englefield (Murray Valley Winegrowers)
  • Lawrie Stanford (Wine Grape Growers Australia)
  • Paul Evans (Winemakers’ Federation of Australia)
  • Bill Moularadellis (Kingston Wine Estates)
  • Eric Semmler (919 Wines)
  • Chris Byrne (Riverland Wine)
  • Grant Ramage (Coles Liquor)
  • Ashley Ratcliff (Oxford Landing Estates)
  • David Zadow (Riverland Grower)


View the ‘Bitter Harvest’ broadcast & transcript on the landline website for further details.