In 2007 a taskforce was established comprising the Chairs of the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA), Wine Grape Growers’ Australia, the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation and the Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation, to oversee a review of the national organisational structures of the Australian wine sector. The objective of the review was to ensure that future industry structures deliver against an aligned set of strategic objectives. The taskforce was chaired by the WFA President.

Terms of Reference:

Define the current core and non-core functions of the two voluntary peak bodies (Winemakers’ Federation of Australia and Wine Grape Growers’ Australia) and the two statutory corporations (Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation and Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation)

Evaluate the collective functions that need to be carried out by industry organisations, taking into account experience from current structures and future requirements as outlined in the wine sector’s Directions to 2025 strategy and the grape sector’s strategy Taking Stock and Setting Directions.

Review current operations in order to propose preferred options that best fit requirements for:

  • delivery of aligned industry strategic imperatives and goals
  • equity regarding levy contributions
  • management efficiency in program delivery
  • functional relationships between industry and government
  • sustainable industry funding
  • genuine accountability to industry that meets government requirements
  • communication and strategic alignment between the national body(s) and state and regional associations
  • securing the contribution of matching Australian Government funding against industry R&D levies up to the GVP cap

Recommend an implementation process for the preferred option taking into account transitional arrangements and government legislative processes

An independent consultant was contracted to work with the Taskforce, the WFA executive and participating entities to fulfil these terms.

The review process included consultation with government, state and regional associations, other related entities, industry leaders and stakeholders.

The Taskforce was expected to make its final recommendations to a joint meeting of WFA and WGGA in November 2007.