The newly formed board of Australian Vignerons started work on Friday, with the first meeting held via teleconference.  This will be followed by a board meeting in Canberra, where the members will also be briefed by Wine Australia Chairman Brian Walsh and CEO Andreas Clark, and also meet with political leaders at the annual function hosted by the Winemakers’ Federation.  The board meeting will also serve as an opportunity for the new board to revisit the strategic approach of the organisation.
Andrew Weeks, the CEO of Australian Vignerons, is positive about the way that the board has “hit the ground running”.

“Even at this early stage, the benefits of having board members with such a wide array of skills and experience is clear.  There is some excellent input already, and the board members all share a common commitment not only to representing AV members in the first instance, but also to making the wine sector the best it can be.”

There is a lot happening in the wine sector at present, with the expected release of details of the Export and Regional Wine Support Package imminent, and the resulting opportunity to make the most of some positive trends in export sales and a renewed interest in demand for Australian Wine.  The board of Australian Vignerons is keen to commit to doing its part in representing its members and in building profitability to the entire sector.

For Questions, Please contact Andrew Weeks, CEO of Australian Vignerons on 0403 520 242.